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Predator Buckets & Bait Boxes

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When it comes to fishing one of the best pieces of gear that you can have in your arsenal is the bait bucket or fishing bait box. Regardless of whether you are a fan of using live baits or you are looking for a place to mix and store your bait mixes, using a bait bucket is the perfect way to make sure you have everything you need when you are out predator fishing. With so many different bait options for you to choose from, having a bucket or even several different fishing bait box options with numerous different baits with you when out on the bank can do wonders when it comes to catching fish and having them in your landing net much sooner than ever before.

When predator fishing, you are likely going to be using baits such as boilies, pop-ups, artificial baits and even liquids and particles, all specially designed to get the fish feeding as soon as possible. However, by using a bait bucket and a fishing bait box, you can begin to add additional flavour to your bait, with glug, dip and many other ways of adding flavour, you can use the perfect bait every time. With several different bait bucket and fishing bait box options on the market, it is important to consider the size as well as the material, the handles, and the overall sizing of the fishing bait box itself. This will ensure you have enough room for all your bait whilst being able to transport it as easily as possible.

With many back buckets being larger than others and some providing carrying handles for maximum comfort when out on the bank, the bait bucket is the perfect bankside companion for predator anglers that are looking to carry all their bait with ease. Several of these bait bucket and bait box options are also stackable and compact, allowing you to get everything you need from the car to the bank in your tackle barrow without having to make multiple trips. This is perfect for those that are looking to fish for extended periods as bait boxes and bait buckets can hold a large amount of bait whilst keeping it completely fresh thanks to the tightly sealed lid. This tight seal also eliminates the smell of the bait when travelling, allowing you to transport the bait in the boot of your car without the potential smell.

When you have found the perfect bait bucket for you, the process of ordering could not be any easier. Simply add the bucket to your basket and continue shopping for all your other items. When you have finished shopping head to the checkout and complete all the relevant information. Should you place your order before 2 pm between Monday and Thursday, your order of over £20 will be eligible for free next-working-day delivery on your order, allowing you to get back out doing what you love even sooner. For more information on the delivery options that we have available here at Outlaw Pro, please check our delivery page.

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