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Carp Royal Baron Bait Boat


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Why anglers choose the Carp Royal Baron Bait Boat

  • Precisely target the spots you want for the best results, by marking up to nine fishing spots 
  • Catch fish up to 900 metres away, with its incredible range
  • Access those inaccessible places on the lake with ease with the smaller sized boat
  • Perfect for UK lakes
  • No extra kit needed – all controlled with ease via one remote control
  • Worry-free battery life with up to six hours of charge
  • Fully understand the water you’re fishing in and earmark the ideal spot for you, with the phenomenal echo sounder depth measurement
  • Peace of mind with two-year warranty

Stay in control with ease

Loaded up with gadgets from autopilot to GPS to echo sounder, the Carp Royal Baron Bait Boat takes your modern-day angling experience to the next level. And it does with the ease of just one remote control.

The GPS system allows anglers to mark up to nine fishing spots of their choosing, whether that be your catch hot spots to marking new areas to explore.

With an impressive range of 500-900 metres, it’s easy to know when your Carp Royal Baron Bait Boat has landed at your programmed spot – the remote control will make a noise to confirm arrival.

High-end tech

Carp Royal Baron also has two patented elements to give you the best results: magnetic control system for the feed hatches and release couplings for hook-mounting. This approach differs from the usual latch-based system, which would create a noise upon opening, and therefore startle your intended catches.

With loads of outside-of-the-box technology, the herb protection plates keep the bankside’s flowers from infiltrating the system. 

If you want to let nature take you where it wants, then you can rock up bankside and utilise the Bait Boat’s echo sounder to choose your designated fishing spots. 

The echo sounder will showcase the depth measurement of your water down to 30 metres. This will allow you to fish in clear waters – avoiding any holes or weeds below – to maximise your potential in the right areas.

The Carp Royal also has an electronic compass, temperature display and air pressure meter. Useful features to further heighten your impact in the water.

The 2.5kg feed capacity means that even the most wary and experienced fish can’t help but be tempted over to your Hookbait given the share amount of Bait you’re putting out.

Peace of mind

You can start any session safe in the knowledge that your Carp Royal Bait Boat will deliver to the highest level, with it programmed to perform a self-diagnostic test at startup. This ensures the remote control, compass, GPS and echo sounder is ready to go in tip-top shape. 

You can further relax in the knowledge that your Bait Boat knows there’s no place like home, with its ‘return to shore’ setting taking the boat straight back to you on the bank.

The Carp Royal Baron has a battery life of two to three hours at maximum speed, giving you plenty of time to set up and keep stocked up on your fishing spot locations.

Additionally, you can give yourself up to 6 hours of charge with lithium ion batteries, allowing you to settle into your spot for the ultimate waiting game with your intended target.

You will receive a charger for the remote control and the batteries, plus a two-year Carp Royal warranty.

Outlaw Pro’s review

Our Angling Consultant and General Manager, Lewis Power-Stannard’s, expert opinion:

The ideal Bait Boat for those who aren’t fishing in massive bodies of water. It allows you to easily get into those difficult-to-reach spots in the margins, too.”

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  • 2.5kg feed capacity
  • 500-900 metres range
  • Built-in GPS chip
  • Automatic driving / autopilot
  • Built-in echo sounder with Fishfinder to 32m water depth
  • Electronic compass
  • Built-in air pressure gauge
  • Temperature display
  • Patented magnetic control system for the feed hatches
  • Separately controllable feed hatches
  • Patented release couplings for hook-mounting
  • Removable herb protection for more power for the engines
  • Easy rides over water lilies and herb banks
  • Strong lighting system for the best view at night
  • Use of the fail-free system in the event of signal cancellation / return to shore
  • Stable position in the water by streamlined construction
  • Impact protection


  • Weight: 5kg
  • Frequency Band: 2.4 Ghz
  • L = 630mm, B = 350mm, H = 250mm
  • Battery life at maximum speed 2-3 hours (Standard battery) – Up to 4-6 hours with lithium ion batteries
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Carp Royal Baron
Carp Royal Baron Bait Boat
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