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Outlaw Pro’s 5kg bulk carp bait deals offer the best value 5kg boilie bait deals online. Choose from 6 flavour high-performance carp boilie, complement this with a glug of your choice and then complete your carp fishing bait bundle with one of our excellent hookbaits.  

Why anglers choose Outlaw Pro 5kg carp bait bulk deals

“Just needed to drop you a quick message to say a massive thank you for your fantastic product!! I do a lot of feeder fishing on waters like Clattercote and Boddington reservoirs, and I was using a lot of 2mm method feeder pellets (costing me a small fortune) until I found your 2mm Banoffee Pellet. It works perfectly on the method and the 5-kilo bag is fantastic value for money. 

“Again thanks, and I’ll be trying other flavours also, keep up the good work👍

“Broke my PB with a 20lb 4oz common on Wednesday, fished the method on 6lb mainline and a 5lb hooklink to a 14 hook.”

Stephen Leary

“Hey guys, I’m quite fussy when it comes to my bait, but my friend visited your store and had success, so I dipped my toe in the water with the 5kg deal, and all I can say is: I’ll be back!”

Joanne Hutley 

“I’ve always used Banoffee flavour setups for my bait. But I couldn’t get hold of any, so went for Attract Natural…it brought me my PB of 38lb on the nose. Cheers!”

Kirk Blazer

Six flavours to choose from in the 5kg carp bait deals

Our six flavours in our bait range have been specifically designed to suit every carp anglers preferred bait of choice. Using top-quality ingredients all of our baits have been developed to suit a carp’s dietary requirements, so whatever range you use, it will help in putting more fish in the back of your landing net. Regardless of whether you are looking to purchase carp bait deals ahead of your next trip or are just looking to have some of your favourite flavour bait on standby, we have several options that are designed to suit every angler.

Attract Natural

With a blend of the highest quality ingredients and flavours, it creates a unique smell like no other bait range on the market. Due to the highly soluble and digestible ingredients featured in the baits available in our carp bait bulk deals,this is an all-year-round range and has signalled feeding responses in conditions down to -5 degrees.


Because of the digestible base mix, it’s an excellent all-year-round bait and has produced some amazing results right throughout the depths of winter up to just under 40lb. The Banoffee range has proved extremely successful as both an instant action bait and when incorporated into a long baiting campaign all year round.


Krilla needs no introduction into carp fishing and has been the downfall to some of the finest carp in the UK and across Europe. If you are looking for an edge over other anglers then the Krilla is an excellent choice, the fishy aroma with a subtle sweet smell triggers the fish into a feeding frenzy.

Plum and Mulberry

The fruity aroma of the Plum and Mulberry is like no other and something that the carp cannot resist. The exceptional flavour combination has been designed to release strong food signals right through the colder months and due to its vibrant colour, it makes it extremely easy for the fish to find on the lakebed.

Raspberry Rush

The Raspberry Rush range within our carp bait bulk deals has been developed around the super-successful tiger nut base mix. With a washed-out white colour and pink Raspberry flecks, it also adds a visual element to your fishing and helps to pull the fish down onto your baited areas.

Seafood Supreme

The range has been designed to trigger both the taste and smell receptors and will be successful as an instant action bait or when incorporated into a long baiting campaign. Not only is the Seafood Supreme packed full of high-quality ingredients it is also extremely digestible which will leave the fish coming back for more.

Choosing the right hookbait for your 5kg Bulk boilie bait deals


These are a great way of ensuring that your hookbait is fully inside your carp’s mouth as the fish need to come from above to grab it. Furthermore, the increased buoyancy means it will zip into your catch’s mouth with ease.


Outlaw Pro wafters have a more natural movement to them and sit just slightly above the lakebed, rather than the two/three inches that a pop-up would.

Furthermore, Wafters are lighter so can fly into your carp’s mouth quicker, which is crucial when you only have a split-second to get inside the mouth and hook on.

Barrel Wafters

If you find that the above isn’t working, it could very well be down to the fact you have some experienced and wise carp, who have been caught one too many times for their liking.

It’s time to freshen things up and keep them guessing by opting for the unique shape of Outlaw Pro Barrel and tempt them over for something new.

To find out more about selecting the right Bait for carp fishing, read our in-depth blog, here.


Finish off your 5kg Bulk Deal with matching Glug

The Outlaw Pro Glug is ideal for boosting your spod mix, soaking your boilies and the beauty of it is that you can never add too much due to its combination of highly soluble liquid food.

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Outlaw Pro 5kg Bulk Deal
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