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Why Anglers Are Choosing TubeZ

  • Increase variety with six different bait flavours from Outlaw Pro
  • Create room in your tackle box with the unique space-saving design
  • Get the kids involved with small bait amounts for day trips
  • Screw top keeps your bait secure within your tackle bag
  • Available in 12mm & 15mm natural pop ups to suit your approach
  • Also now available in 12mm & 15mm Fluoro pop ups

What Are TubeZ?

Have you ever wanted to try out a new bait but not been sure on whether to fully commit before your next big trip to the bank? Outlaw Pro have the solution to this issue in the form of TubeZ! This unique idea allows you to bring multiple small amounts of flavoured, natural-coloured pop ups to the bank with you alongside your favourites to provide you with a new fishing experience should you so desire.

Regardless of whether you are looking to bring multiple TubeZ to the bankside or just the one for a trial of a brand-new bait alongside your trusty favourites, the TubeZ are perfect for every angler! With a sleek and streamlined design that can fit anywhere within your Tackle Bag or Outlaw Pro Tracksuit, TubeZ is a must-have when it comes to getting the very best out of your bait this season.

Why Should You Buy TubeZ?

Not only are the TubeZ completely compact making them perfect for any tackle kit, but there is also the eco-friendly benefit that comes from purchasing TubeZ. When you look to purchase your TubeZ you can get the very best of all six of Outlaw Pro’s handcrafted, natural-coloured pop up flavours. Whether you are a fan of the Attract Natural flavour or you are looking to try a new flavour from our favourite six new and improved bait such as Banoffee, Plum and Mulberry, Krilla, Raspberry Rush or Squid & Octopus, TubeZ is the perfect opportunity to do exactly that without a pot of natural-coloured pop ups taking up all the space in the tackle bag.

In addition to this, the TubeZ come in two different sizes at 12mm and 15mm allowing you to slot these within your existing baits for your trip in a convenient tube should you decide to try something new. With a sleek design and a simple screw lid, this handy tube of natural pop ups is perfect for you to either try something new or even give to your kids to get them out on the bank fishing for the first time.

New And Improved Pop Ups And Outlaw Pro Fluoro TubeZ

With the new and improved bait finally here comes a brand new flavour. With Squid & Octopus now replacing the old Sea Food Supreme flavour, the new and improved pop ups are sure to secure you the best possible catch! In addition to the new pop ups being featured in the TubeZ, there is also the introduction of the brand new Fluoro pop ups in both 12mm & 15mm sizing. With each of the flours available in our new and improved six flavours, this is the only Fluoro pop up that you need when heading out on the bank!

But What Makes TubeZ Different?

You may be asking, what makes TubeZ different? It’s simple! Not only is the initial price of purchase highly affordable, but we also offer you the ability to refill your TubeZ with any of the six flavours regardless of the size of the TubeZ you are looking to refill. This eco-friendly way of getting your bait is perfect for the kids, a short day trip out on the bank or even trying out a new bait for the first time. Regardless of whether you are looking for a new tube of each flavour before your next trip or you’re looking to refill your existing TubeZ, the TubeZ experience is the perfect new way to get bait either for your kids or a simple day trip.

How Do I Refill My TubeZ?

When it comes to refilling your TubeZ it could not be easier. With several RefillZ packets available, you can simply order the bait that you want from us, and we will have them to your door in no time for you to refill at home. Regardless of whether you are looking to refill with multiple different kinds of bait or looking to just use your favourite, our RefillZ gives you the ability to customise your TubeZ for your next trip with ease.

Outlaw Pro’s Review

“This new way of purchasing bait is the perfect, eco-friendly solution for any angler, regardless of the reason for heading out on the bank!”

Add some TubeZ to your cart now and change the way that you fish this season.

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Outlaw Pro TubeZ and TubeZ RefillZ
Outlaw Pro TubeZ and TubeZ RefillZ
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