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Quality Ingredients

The art of making a perfect boilie is more than just ingredients alone, the same as ordering fish and chips from a Michelin starred restaurant compared to your local chippy.  That being said, you can’t make a great boilie without high quality ingredients and here at Outlaw Pro we create some of the best boilies in the industry.
We are proud of the ingredients we use and are happy to share with you the list of ingredients that go into the boilies we create:

Amino Green
Anchovy Sardine Meal
Banoffee Flavour
Bird Food
Calf Milk Replacer
Attract Natural Flavour
Crab Flavour
Cream Flavour
Egg Albumin
Fine Oyster Shell
Hydrolysed Fish Protein
Intense Sweetener
Krill Flavour
Krill Meal
Liquid Fish Protein
Mulberry Flavour
Lobster Flavour
N Butyric Acid
Plum Flavour
Pre Digested Fish Meal
Raspberry Rush Flavour
Red Colour
Red Egg Food
Salmon Meal
Scopex Flavour
Super Whey Concentrate
Tiger Nut Flour
Titanium Dioxide (White)
Vitamin Complex
Yellow Colour
Yellow Egg Food
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