Outlaw Pro received Wolf Qi Icon Alarms and Hubb Receiver seven days before anyone else, due to our great friendship with the team at Wolf.

General Manager, Lewis Power-Stannard, took the revolutionary Bite Alarm technology bankside for a test. And come the end of his demonstration, Lewis, a man who swore by his Delkim Alarms, was converted.

Over to Lewis to tell you everything you need to know about the future of bite indication.

Wolf Icon Qi Alarms

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First impressions

Tech spec


Key benefits

Review roundup

First impressions

They’re big. But actually, after putting them onto the Rod Pod and getting them set up, they look great. I’m a huge, huge fan – there’s lots of features on these Alarms which I’ll take you through now.

Wolf Qi Icon Alarms tech spec

Wolf Qi Icon Alarms & Hubb Receiver

I really like the fact they’re made in Britain.

But they really come into their own technology-wise, as they’re certainly advanced. There are a lot of features that are simple to use and very effective.

However, if you were to struggle in any way with the setup, then guidelines are provided by Wolf via a simple QR-code scan system. This will bring up the file for you to read, which you’re also able to download to your phone – that’s exactly what I did when I was starting out.

They’re not a 9-Volt Battery, they’re AA Batteries and it takes four in the Hubb, which in my opinion is quite a lot but it does the job although it makes it quite weighty – that will be the only downside, I think.



We’re going to look at the Alarms in a simple form and just how they look. Let’s take a look at the Alarm first of all – the case is very solid and very well protected. And the Alarms are obviously very stylish and very neat. What I really like is the groove in the middle where you set your Rod and the fact it’s got the higher wings on either side which act as your snag is lovely. The roller wheel, you’ve got padded rubber set in there as well to protect the Rod on the front and you’ve got a section which you can put isotopes.

Key benefits of the Wolf Qi Icon Alarms

Let’s go into a bit more detail. They’re easy to use. You’ve got sensitivity volume vibration and tone – they’re so straightforward that any angler of any ability can use them.

On the side, you’ve got a menu button and a mute button. You’ve got the lights at the top and you’ve got a light in the centre – the lights at the top will obviously indicate if you’ve got a take, and if it’s a take that’s going forward, where the fish is pulling hard, then it will be different to if you receive a drop back – you’ll identify the difference by the tone of the sounds it makes and with the actual light as well.

Let’s take a look at it how to switch it on. It’s easy turn the sensitivity button on – one green light that’ll identify it’s full battery, if it’s an amber light or a red light you need to look at changing those batteries.


You can also change the light settings for the different colours so you’ve got a choice. To do that, push the menu button on the side and it’ll beep at you and then give you a flash of different colours. I’ve got red as I pre-set it to that but you can change it by using the volume button – just by turning it you can decide what light it is that you actually want with a number of different colour options.

I like red so I’ll take it back to that. Also there’s my nightlight setting and I do that by tone. I simply change that one again. Also if I want to mute it I can, and I’ll do that by pushing that button and two white lights will come on to identify it’s been muted for 30 seconds meaning if I want to clip a Bobbin on I can and it saves on that disturbance.

Wolf Qi Icon Alarms review roundup

It has all the advanced technology available to you so that if you really want to take it to the next level you can.

In order to wrap up the review of the Wolf Icon Qi Alarms, it’s a perfect all-rounder. They’ve really thought about this Alarm in great detail. You can be the most-advanced angler in the world and use every piece of technology involved or you can be a new angler to the sport and have an Alarm which has got all the quality inside it that you can learn and grow to or you could just have it as a simple basic switch on and go – it’s catered to absolutely everyone.

Want to watch Lewis’ full review? Check out the video below.

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